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When our customers pick these Imperial liquor flasks up and hold them in their own hands, they can't resist...

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These heavy stainless steel Imperial liquor flasks simply reek of tradition. The cap screws on with the velvety smooth feel that is reminiscent of only one thing - the oil plug on a 30-year old Harley Davidson. We offer this very limited supply with Sturgis 2003 engraved into the metal. They're so good, we presented them as gifts to our staff. Absolutely impeccable in style and quality...

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liquor flasks

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        Sturgis 2003 Diamond Quality Glass Shots $4.25/shot  Purchase

or, our best deal...

Sturgis Snake Bite Kit

234 X 60

Good enough to have gone down on the Titanic,
or to treat a rampant case of snake bites.
The Imperial Liquor Flasks Set...



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