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By Order of the Captian...

Our personal recommendation for April 14, 1912

Fine and heavy Imperial liquor flasks like these were pulled out on that cold forboding night as the HMS Titanic slipped under the Atlantic and into history. For those memorable occasions of both good and bad, we offer these excellent liquor flasks. Our best set was created specially for the Sturgis Rally. We offer the entire set at a cost less than the flask's retail value! Online only, to sell the few that remain. Preferred by gentlemen and gentlewomen across the Empire. Cheers...

sturgis liquor flasks

Our finest stainless steel Imperial liquor flasks.
With six diamond glass Sturgis 2003 shots.
Our run of these is limited, and we won't commission more until next August...
$43.85    Purchase

234 X 60

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